NTAGRS has been gaming since 2014. He enjoys creating Stop Motions and Machinima productions.  Overwatch, World of Warcraft (WOW) and Halo are a few of his favorites for he is a fast-paced, intense and adrenaline rush gamer.


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Gamers corner is the world of PC gamers and adrenaline rush players as we seek to understand the video game craze and with a desire to stay connected with the gamers and games we love. The misunderstood world of gamers can be educational, exciting and strategic depending on the type of games that you choose to play.  There are different types of gaming: PC gamers, Xbox gamers, online gamers, ultimate gamers and much more. Games have ratings to distinguish audiences and parental guidance is available and advised. There is a game for everyone young and old, whether you like to role-play or prefer first-person shooter games, etc. Moderation brings balance to gaming, and there is much to be learned from this pastime.


Katonic is an 8-bit Land gamer and a "nOOb" to the online community, currently looking for a guild.  Enjoys MMORPG's so WOW is the game of choice for 2018.

Let's be kind to nOObs!

GQTexas has been gaming since 2013. He is most popular with pc gamers, commentaries, and streams.  An online player with ARMA 3 Life, ARMA 2 Island Life, Falcon/BMS and Grand Theft Auto with over 58k views on YouTube.  He has a partnership with Disney, and he is an expert at actively expressing his individuality in the gamer world.


Gamers Corner and games

"Years ago, I told my father it was just dirt.  But it's not dirt.  It's where we live.  It's our dirt, dammit."
​~Dirt, Halo Evolutions

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