1. Apply on line - Complete application for admission to attend a specific semester. (Fall, Spring, Summer, etc.)
  2. Request a transcript from your High School to be sent directly to the college.
  3. If under 22 you will need a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine
  4. TSI - Assessment is required as an alternative to NOT having taken the SAT or similar exam.
  5. You have to complete a Mandatory Orientation and Training for Preventing Sexual Violence
  6. Use the CougarWeb to register for classes every semester you will receive log on information and updates via email for everything you need.

GAP Year - In the works

The U.S. Department of Education has Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) and Pell Grants available to students  IF you qualify and according to your financial needs.  You need to complete a FAFSA application (yearly) to be eligible. 


Higher Education Alternatives

Let’s begin with “Community College” as the first alternative.  If you are a recent high school graduate your county college offers an affordable education for an associates degree, a certification or the core classes needed to transfer to a university.  Talk to your counselor about Dual Credit while still in High School.  Talk to your counselor at the college to make sure you take the right classes to transfer to a university.

financial aid and how to apply

High School Students & Community College

What skills make "YOU" unstoppable?  That is what education is truly all about. When ready, education is one of the tools we can use to guide and allow our best minds to shine. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why people shy away from a higher education.  A few of those reasons can be a fear of failure, perhaps your basic academic skills are not the best, age or you don't qualify for financial aid. In addition, education in the United States can be a very expensive endeavor.  For many Americans; young and old wishing to obtain a bachelor degree, the first stumbling block tends to be an opportunity.  Students that have been able to lock down a scholarship.  A full scholarship is a wonderful alternative to help you reach your educational goals in America. Today, the traditional path to a higher education can be extremely competitive, expensive and stressful for many parents and students. 

Students can explore "Higher Education Alternatives" and "Out of the Box Ideas".

You are never too old, too young or too late to get an education.

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Collin College
  • Stay away from Credit Cards!

  • Stay away from student loans for as long as possible!

  • Math & Science classes expire every 5 years.

  • You can ONLY register to take a class 2 times. There is a limit on withdrawing / failing a class.

Did you know that the first two years of college are core classes required for all bachelor degrees, in all universities and colleges with the exception of a class or two?

What if I want to take a break from school?

College education alternatives

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"Increase and widen your desires till nothing but reality can fulfill them.  It is not desire that is wrong, but its narrowness and smallness.  Desire is devotion.  By all means be devoted to the real, the infinite, the eternal heart of being.  Transform desire into love.  All you want is to be happy.  All your desires, whatever they may be are expressions of your longing for happiness."

~SRI Nisargadatta Maharaj

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