What about stock photos?  There is a license CC0 that allows content creators to use photos for FREE.  Some photographers might require photography credit or if there are people in the photo a release form may be required. I am including a few sites that offer stock photos; however, make sure you always check for use requirements and type of copyright.  Check out pixabay500px , StockSnap , KaboompicsMagdeleine , FreerangeUnsplash, Freeimages and Gratisography . Finally, all photography by Fear1ess3 is photographed by Monica Quiroz Moore and it is free of copyright restrictions.

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If you have questions on what is a better use for LinkedIn, Social Media Today published an informative article 8 Tips for Generating More Leads Through LinkedIn that will answer many of your concerns.  LinkedIn is a popular business social network where you would make business connections and build a personal digital resume or build a company profile.  Membership on LinkedIn is FREE.

On another note, if you enjoy sports and you want to check out a clever PR profile on LinkedIn visit - Justin James "J.J." Watt


Social Media Today published an article on 11 Simple Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram.  It is true that you need to spend a little time and become familiar with the #hashtag you will be using on your posts before you post them, because of "timing" and that is true for all social media apps. Instagram is a FREE social networking app for photography and video sharing vastly used by millenniums and through smartphones worldwide.  Its purpose is purely for entertainment and content can be shared privately or to the public.

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Using social media is storytelling and communications at a worldwide level. Learn how to manage social media on a low budget, connect and make memories in a digital world.
Our best work comes from volunteering opportunities and the desire to get to know our community and the joy born from sharing our talents and gifts.  We use social media to connect with friends and family and share in the fun and marvelous people we meet along the way.  Social media is storytelling, entertaining and accessible to almost everyone worldwide.  We created a short video to demonstrate what we are doing and encourage you to go out there, capture your own moments in time and tell your story digitally.

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All photography by Fear1ess3 is photographed by Monica Quiroz Moore and it is FREE of copyright restrictions.  Creative Commons CC0 License

"Be steady and well ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work."
​~Gustave Flaubert

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