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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
​~St. Augustine

Travel adventures

Think outside the box and find travel deals.  Get tips from Fear1ess3 on educational travel, follow us and share your moments in time.  There are many reasons why people travel and that can be educational, retirement, searching for meaning or just to vacation. Regardless of what your reason is one thing is for sure..."you do not have to be rich to travel."
Traveling has to be a priority for you; otherwise, you will find plenty of other things to do with your money.

Travel enables me to capture stunning pictures and learn more about people and other cultures.  We are advocates of travel because to be human is to be an explorer. So, get out there and safe travels!

Air travel ticket savings:  Have you heard of the idea to auction a ticket upgrade?  Well, travel locations are limited and the following app only has Virgin America available: however, you can purchase first class or business class upgrades 90 minutes before departure for excellent prices at

Here is another out of the box idea.  If you would like to travel, really emerge into the culture and language of another country.  Why not stay for a month or two, a summer or more?  Check out the "Nomad List" for tips and stats on how doable that kind of travel can be, affordable and great feedback before you go.  You can access stats on the start page and if you want access to experience nomad's traveling and living life abroad; a reasonable fee for a membership is required. 


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